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7-inch Multipurpose Wire Stripper With 6 Sizes of Hex Holes

7-inch Multipurpose Wire Stripper With 6 Sizes of Hex Holes

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  1. . Multifunctional wire stripping pliers and crimping tools: meet various electrician operation requirements such as wire cutting, stripping, crimping, winding, splitting, clamping, and wrenches. There is no need to frequently replace the pliers during use, which improves work efficiency.
    2. Forged from chromium-vanadium steel, it has high hardness, rust resistance, wear resistance, and durability.
    3. Features 6 sizes of hex holes for easy tightening and loosening of hex nuts and studs from 6mm to 13mm.
    4. Strong safety: The blade is very sharp and can easily cut off various wires, but it is also safe enough. To prevent it from accidentally injuring the user, we added a safety latch that closes the blade when not open.
    5. Ergonomic rubber-coated handle and anti-slip design ensure you can hold it easily. This allows for a secure grip and eliminates hand fatigue.
    6. This professional wire stripper tool can meet different needs in daily work, such as home decoration, worker construction, motor repair, repairing wiring problems, DIY crafts, etc.
    7. Material: chromium-vanadium steel
    8. Total length: 185mm
    9. Handle length: 100mm
    10. Weight: 140g
    11. Stripping specifications: 0.8/1.0/1.3/1.6/2.0/2.6


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