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Waist Air Traction Brace Belt Spinal lumbar Support Back Relief Belt

Waist Air Traction Brace Belt Spinal lumbar Support Back Relief Belt

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  1. Scientific and ergonomic fixed waist belt can fit the waist curvature and form an effective vertebrae support with enhanced protection for your lumbar.
  2. Auxiliary ABS support plates and metal support plates with reinforced tough springs enable additional stability for double protection to the waist, effectively helping relieve waist pressure and pain, also can avoid muscle atrophy.
  3. Equipped with 3 replaceable and detachable pads for multipurpose treatment effects and all-season enjoyment, built-in 12pcs self-heating magnets will provide hot acupuncture therapy to effectively open the pores and penetrate into the skin to dispel coldness and strengthen blood recycling for body fatigue and muscle pain relief.
  4. 360 degrees traction and compression design will slim your waist and lift up the breast, also can stretch the spine, and disperse the pressure on the lumbar spine for comprehensive protection.



Material: Aluminum + Spring + Breathable Mesh + Velvet Buffer Memory Foam

Color: Grey,Black (As Picture Shown)

Size:  S   Belt Length: 90cm     Fitment: Suitable for 65-75cm Waistline

Size: M    Belt Length: 100CM    Fitment: Suitable for 76-90cm Waistline

Size: L     Belt Length:110CM     Fitment: Suitable for 91-100cm Waistline

Size : XL   Belt Length:118CM    Fitment: Suitable for 101-115cm Waistline

Size : 2XL  Belt Length:122CM    Fitment: Suitable for 104-116cm Waistline

Size : 3XL  Belt Length: 133CM    Fitment: Suitable for 122-133cm Waistline


Function: Lumbar Disc Protrusion, Lumbar Muscle Strain, Waist Sprain, Pain & Discomfort Caused by Long Time Sitting, Rheumatism Lumbar Ache, Posture Hunchback, Waist Curve Repair, Daily Waist Care


Package Included:

1* Lumbar Support Belt

3* Replaceable Pads

1 Set of* Metal Plates

1 Set of* ABS Plates


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