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Cat Litter Shovel Metal Iron Hollow Holder Scooper

Cat Litter Shovel Metal Iron Hollow Holder Scooper

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What We Offer: 1 x Shovel or 1 x Shovel 1 x Brush, 24h Friendly Customer Service
Size: 35 x 15.5 cm(13.77 x 6.10 in)
The Coating Makes Cleaning That Much Faster And Easier: We All Understand That Some Cat Feces May Stick To The Scooper, But We Did Our Best To Improve This Tough Situation. For Even BETTER NON-STICK RESULTS, Spray With Cooking Oil Spray (E.G., Pam Spray). Our Highest Rated Scooper Comes With A Holder To Hang The Scooper After Use. Make The Right Choice By Over 2000 Positive Reviews To Make Your Litter Scooper Choice Right By Having IPrimio Cat Litter Scooper
 Practical Construction: Designed With An Ergonomic Molded Rubber Handle; Please Hold The Middle Part Of The Handle For Comfortable And Better Use; The Shovel Is Deep Enough To Contain Even The Largest Clumps And The Curved Sides Of The Scoop Help To Prevent Litter Scatter
Cat Litter Scoops: Cat Litter Scoops with Deep Shovel - Non-Stick Plated Aluminum Scoop - Designed by Cat Owners - Patented Sifter with Holder - Super Solid Handle - Black Petmate Litter Scoop w/ Microban, Large Sifter Scoop - 2-Minutes to Clean a Litter Box - Easy sifting with Anti-Scatter Sides Original Cat Litter Scooper, Non-Stick Deep Scoop, Free Storage Holder, Extra Large, Durable Solid Aluminum, Shovel for Sifting Kitty Cats Litter, Rust Resistant, Long Comfy Grip Handle



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