Collection: Custom Made Design print on Bottle Openers Magnetic back



Bottle openers are designed to make our lives easier, and that’s just what this custom opener does - but with more style. Equipped with a handy magnetic back, a unique bottle cap shape, and two different mechanisms for opening bottles, this has it all. Easily design and create a novelty item that’s as useful as it is good-looking.


This custom bottle opener is not only functional, but also boasts a unique and stylish design. It features a handy magnetic back, allowing you to store it conveniently on your refrigerator or other metal surfaces. The bottle opener has a unique shape that sets it apart from the ordinary and its two different mechanisms for opening bottles make it versatile for different bottle types. With the ability to easily design and customize your own bottle opener, you can create a one-of-a-kind item that is both practical and attractive. Whether you're looking for a fun and functional item for your own use, or a personalized gift for a loved one, this custom bottle opener is sure to impress.



Little More: 

.: Plastic exterior with a metallic bottom

.: Magnetic back

.: Bottle cap shape

.: Two different opening mechanisms

.: Matte finish